Is a PhD in statistics requisite for data-analysis?
We think not! FlashProcess proves it.

FlashProcess IS A Data Viewer...

You want to understand quickly how to improve your productivity. Don't waste any more time trying to harness complex statistical pieces of software. FlashProcess' ground-base is its extremely graphically intuitive interface: a new way of visualizing data.


FlashProcess is the missing link between Excel and Statistics.

  • View all data plots in a single click.
  • Clean your data easily.
  • Navigate through your data at light-speed.


FlashProcess has turned into a standard for the industry and is used extensively by many industrial groups.
Easy to use, easy to spread, easy to install, FlashProcess is free.



OptimProcess: Data Analysis for Process Improvement

OptimProcess is the editor of a data-analysis software suite for the industry. The technology allows uncovering, understanding and reproducing the best practice situations in your process. It's a important contributor to improving your plant's performance: to increasing its yield, its quality, to reducing its environmental impact.

The OptimProcess softwares are a boon to productivity: our softwares considerably accelerate the analysis of plant data. Its hypercubic analysis technology put new discoveries at a hand's reach. Analyses can be conducted live, during a meeting directly involving your engineers and technicians without their requiring a prior knowledge of statistics.  This unheard-of reactivity reduces to nothing delays spent analyzing and setting-up solutions to production crises.

OptimProcess softwares cover the hole range of your data-analysis needs:

OptimProcess data-analysis softwares are used in a great range of industries, and by the leaders therein.